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Tel•One Private Limited is a Zimbabwe’s leading multimedia telecommunications company providing voice, internet and data services.

The history of Tel•One Zimbabwe spurns back to 1890 when the first Post Office was opened in the then Southern Rhodesia (now known as Zimbabwe).

In 1892 the British South African Company (BSCA) organized the first postal service and ran the service as a self-governing control under the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.

When Zimbabwe gained its independence in 1980, the Zimbabwe Postal Services Amendment Act which was promulgated through Statutory Instrument 175 was formulated and this gave birth to the Postal and Telecommunications Act to create the Posts and Telecommunications Corporation of Zimbabwe (PTC). PTCs core business was the provision of postal and telecommunications services.

In 1987 legislation promulgated for the unbundling of PTC into different 3 companies and for the commercialization of their activities.

The commercialization took place in 2000 with the breaking up of PTC into Tel•One – a fixed telecommunications provider, NetOne – a mobile network providing a cellular network and Zimpost – a postal services company. All these entities are regulated by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe.

Tel•One is Zimbabwe’s sole fixed landline services provider and has a wide network distribution with infrastructure in almost every corner of this country. Tel•One’s network has grown to be the second largest fixed line network in the region after Telkom South Africa.

Tel•One is a key player in the national Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry, whose network provides the main backbone network on which other players ride their services.

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