Packman Packaging Solutions

11 11th Ave, Harare, Zimbabwe

071 437 3290

Once upon a time I dreamt of having my own product and seeing it on the Pick n Pay shelves. As I walked around the store I noticed that every item looked professional, nothing was chintzy or homemade. Each item looked so good that as a consumer you would assume a big, responsible corporation was behind it.

I then found a product that I wanted to package and resell. Everything was in place but I then encountered what would become a stumbling block. I visited local packaging companies looking for suitable packaging and as I asked the sales representatives for their minimum quantities, I was shocked. They all had a minimum quantity of 40 000 units. And for a young 24 year old boy I didn’t have enough money to buy those units. 

Because of that I then went on a search for new innovative packaging solutions that required minimal costs to get your product into the market with minimal quantities.

Consequently in 2020 Packman Packaging Solutions was established to allow the quick and nimble to get into the marketplace and look fantastic with great designs and shelf appeal.

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