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7 Ringway Close, Harare, Zimbabwe


iStaira Events is owned and operated by an experienced team of professionals with various backgrounds in management, events, hospitality and aviation. By combining efforts, iStaira Events consolidates organizational and efficient processes, in order to pay special attention to the client’s needs, requirements and schedules. iStaira Events has incorporated German knowledge and skills with local cultural needs, creating an Event Management/Temporary Manpower provider powerhouse that meets the highest German quality control standards. 

We work everyday to match the right people to Hotels, Banquet Halls, Universities, Events Spaces, Weddings, Conferences, Exhibitions, Sporting Events and many more. The staff we provide is handpicked by our quality control team, and each goes through a rigorous training process in which they perfect their experience. After a lengthy training period during which they have to meet German standards, the staff are individually chosen for specialty events. Although this process can take a while, it is a worthwhile experience as we can ensure all of our staff are up to the highest standards.

As our response, project management approach, current and relevant past performance will demonstrate, we have the capabilities to successfully mobilize and execute this requirement in all categories that we have previously submitted expressed interest and in addition included in this proposal.

iStaira Events, has the management, resources, experienced staff and assets in place to support this contract by the required staffing requirements. iStaira Events makes a commitment to exceeding your expectations from the initial date of services award. We will work closely with your coordinator, to provide daily reports and feedback forms, incident reports (if any) throughout the execution phase to the completion of the awarded contract. All work performed will be of approved quality and the highest standardized practices.

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