DombaServ Dry Cleaners

861 Soutter Road, Harare, Zimbabwe

+263 8644 107 526

Domba Castle (Pvt) Ltd is a company that was registered in Zimbabwe in 1998.  It went on an investment drive and acquired the following businesses

Fife Avenue Launderette in 2000

Tip Top Dry Cleaners in 2002

Flamingo Dry Cleaners in 2004

Flamingo Travel in 2005

Flamingo Dry Cleaners main factory is located on 7 Birmingham Road in the Industrial area of Southerton in Harare, while Tip Top Dry Cleaners main factory is located on 861 Soutter Road in New Ardbennie.  Since January 2016, all of our dry cleaning services collectively fall under the DombaServ brand. DombaServ has a growing chain of over 25 collection Depots and agencies in and around Harare and these are manned by Depot Supervisors.

The Business is divided into two main lines, which are :-

DRY CLEANINGThis involves the dry cleaning of suits, jackets, trousers, skirts, shirts and all dry cleanable garments

LAUNDRYThis involves the cleaning of Industrial garments such as work suits, dustcoats, overalls, hats, caps and jumpers etc

We also clean household items such as bed sheets, towels, table cloths, serviettes, blankets, duvets etc

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