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Henley drive extension, Waterfalls Harare. P.O. Box 815 Harare


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Grand Parents
Irvine’s grandparent farms are situated in the Harare South area. Cobb grandparent chicks are imported from Cobb UK and reared under strict environmental and bio-security controls. Twenty seven weeks later, the birds start laying hatching eggs which are transferred to the parent hatchery where they hatch into Cobb parent day old chicks. The increase in production of parent day old chicks has seen Irvine’s Zimbabwe penetrate into regional markets with over 50% market share in a number of countries. The Cobb parents will start to hatch at about 27 weeks. Some hatching eggs are sold to local and regional hatcheries for production of chicks only after satisfaction of the local day old chick requirements. Majorty of the hatching eggs are transferred to the Commercial hatchery for hatching of broiler day old chicks.
Commercial Hatchery
The Irvine’s Zimbabwe has two commercial hatcheries situated on Derbyshire Farm in Waterfalls, Harare. Both hatcheries are equipped with state of the art incubators to facilitate for hatching of high quality Cobb broiler day old chicks and H& N layer chicks. The day old chicks are transported to customers in temperature controlled chick trucks so that chicks reach the customer’s doorstep in superb condition. About 50% of the Cobb broiler chicks hatched are transferred to the Irvine’s broiler production sites. Majority of H & N layer chicks are transferred to the Commercial layers sites for table egg production.
Broiler Production
Irvine’s Zimbabwe are up to date with technology and have a large number of controlled environment sheds for broiler production situated on Derbyshire Farm in Waterfalls, Harare. As part of Irvine’s Economic empowerment initiatives, about 60% of Irvine’s day old chick production are supplied to indigenous contract farmers who grow the broilers on behalf of the company and bring them back to the Irvine’s processing plant for slaughter. All contract farmers have adhere to the strict Irvine’s and government veterinary bio security standards so as to have farm to fork quality assurance.

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