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The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for conscientious people to do nothing about it. Thieves, fire and robbers can only prosper if you do nothing to protect your money, certificates, title deeds or other valuable goods. You have made the right decision to consider buying a safe or a strongroom door from us. Your money or precious documents should be kept in a secure place where you have full control of them. Sometimes money is tight and so we give you the lowest prices on the market. Ask yourself why the same product is 3 times more expensive elsewhere, yet we do not compromise on quality, appearance or durability? Why are we cheaper than everybody else? Don’t deal with middlemen or people who sell a brand name if what you want is a fully functional, professionally done and beautiful product. Deal direct with a reputable manufacturer. It’s cheaper, you have a guarantee and goods can be made to your exact specs. 

Against a background of a rising appetite for theft, robberies and overcharging, Chrystalle products are time tested, customer approved, and affordable. We have a keen audience that continues to hear our message on guaranteed security and affordability. This includes: Schools & Colleges, Fuel Stations, Banks, Retail Stores, Micro Finance Companies, Fast food outlets, Mining Corporations, Churches, Property developers and home owners who value their security. 

Chrystalle is the provider of choice for home security safes and office safes in Zimbabwe. Our pricing structure provides us with a strong foothold in the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) market. We are ever excited about the market response to our products. This approval allows us to offer this critical sector with affordable access to the exact same security infrastructure that has been afforded to big businesses. 

In line with this development we have looked “beyond our borders” by expanding into Malawi. We always transform the markets in which we operate through our sector specific solutions. We believe we are the cheapest in Zimbabwe with an excellent quality. We don’t have fancy offices. Our overheads are deliberately kept low so that we maintain really low prices for your benefit. 

Why do we provide this service? We are a solution to a perennial problem in Zimbabwe. We understand that standing in banking halls to withdraw or deposit your money, dealing with the police after you have been a victim of theft or vandalism or trying to claim from your insurance company is time consuming. So we advise you to OWN A SAFE, even the smallest one. Schools no longer have examination paper leakages since they began using our strongroom doors. Prevent unnecessary drama in your life and make better use of your time by buying a safe. You can request extra features e.g. fireproof or anti-explosive or it can just be standard. You need to protect yourself. 

No organisation should function without a safe. No Filling Station should be without an overnight (drop-in) safe. No home where valuables are kept should lack a strongroom or a safe. Nobody who owns a gun should be without a gun safe. Access to your cash, important documents or firearm should be limited to the people you trust. So get a safe – big or small. One day you will be glad you did. It can be custom-made to the exact measurements that you want, e.g. to fit an opening in your wall or a locking system that prevents others from gaining access. 

Buying from us gives you the advantage of paying the manufacturing price not the expensive retail one. We can quickly manufacture any number of security goods in 3-7 days and at a fraction of the price. 

It’s always wise to add another layer of security to your premises or home. When thieves break-in they might take everything except the safe because it’s heavy and notoriously difficult to lift or open. If you’re looking for a safe, staff lockers, gun cabinets, or you just want to relocate your safe then don’t go anywhere else!! Welcome to Africa’s official supplier of security products and services. We’ve been doing this for 15 years. 

We manufacture all kinds of banking and security equipment. This includes Digital Cash boxes, Money safes, Vault doors, Strongroom doors, Grille gates, Staff security gates, CIT boxes, Bank teller safes, Gun Cabinets, Laptop safes, Car Safes, High Security Cabinets, Stationery Cabinets, Industrial Staff Lockers, and so much more. We have recently added Fireproofed stationery cabinets to our portfolio which have proved very popular. 

That’s not all, we service security equipment on call. 

Don’t just build a house, think about installing a hidden wall safe or even a floor safe. You can even install a vault or strongroom in your home. We are flexible to discuss a product that is manufactured to suit your budget. That’s worth reading a second time!! 

Chrystalle is the only brand in the market to remain consistent and affordable. Everyone else has been shutting down and re-opening, or is expensive. Meanwhile, we are expanding. If there is one thing that customers value most in Chrystalle it’s our ability to deliver on time, and to agreed specifications. It sounds simple but many of our competitors have failed this test. it is a remarkable achievement to stay in business after 15 years of operating in Zimbabwe. We are not immune to the challenges but we have stamina and innovation. In only our fifteenth year of manufacturing security products in Zimbabwe and Malawi, the Chrystalle International brand is soaring high. Chrystalle International is the right choice in your purchasing decision because the company’s after sales service is automatically available to all customers. Our message is that we are “PROFESSIONAL SOLUTION PROVIDERS” and this has been endorsed by the number of repeat orders we continue to receive. 

In case your safe locks accidentally or you lose your keys, call us and we will send a technician/locksmith over to give you instant relief. No call fees are charged but we expect to be paid for that job on the spot. Our technicians are especially trained to open any kind of security door. It is a discreet operation to safeguard your security and privacy. Sometimes we ask for proof that it is your safe so that we don’t become accessories to a crime. 

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