BMatanga IP Attorneys

15 Downie Avenue Belgravia, Harare, Zimbabwe

+263 771 216 011

Our commitment is to ensure that our Clients’ needs are solved expertly, efficiently and expediently

As our world continuously shifts and evolves; a wealth of human creativity and innovation is taking place. In these creations and innovative activities lie intellectual property and the birth of a special breed of Clients who are in need of special legal services.  As a law firm we are constantly evolving to meet the legal demands of that special species of Clients who come up with unique, innovative solutions and gadgets. 


BMatanga IP Attorneys is a specialized intellectual property services firm in Africa; deliberately set up as an anchor to give legal support and address the intellectual property legal needs of companies, individuals and institutions with business interests in Africa. We will give you the appropriate legal representation, advice and assistance in obtaining, transferring, commercializing, managing, protecting or enforcing your intellectual property rights. Out of the realization that intellectual property interfaces with other areas of the law, we also provide an array of complementary commercial legal services.

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