Zimbabwe Homeless People’s Federation

13 Harvey Brown Avenue, Milton Park, Harare, Zimbabwe

(+263) 4 790935/(+263) 4 2600612-3 (+263)4 790935

Zimbabwe Homeless People’s Federation is a community-based organization consisting  of a network of housing savings schemes found in low-income communities that collectively save for housing and other poverty-related challenges. The Federation was founded in 1997 with the initial grassroots housing savings schemes being established in the then two holding camps of Hatcliffe Extension and Dzivarasekwa Extension. To date, the Federation exists in 59 local authorities countrywide with over 300 housing savings schemes. The latter are grassroots collectives with a membership usually ranging from 20 to 50 families who save daily for housing and daily needs. Housing savings schemes as the smallest unit of organization for the Federation provide the platforms for rallying the community together around common challenges and defining sustainable solutions. It is also within these schemes where the various rituals that characterize and strengthen the Federation process are originate and cascade to other levels.

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