Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ZCBC) HIV and AIDS Desk

42 Fereday Dr, Harare, Zimbabwe

263-242-735 935

The Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ZCBC) HIV and AIDS Desk is the arm of the Church responsible for AIDS Awareness Campaigns, that include Orphan Care in our Schools. It is located at the corner of Fourth Street and Selous Avenue in Africa Synod House in Harare, Zimbabwe. The ZCBC was constituted by the Roman Decree on 1st October 1969. The ZCBC forms the Coordinating body of the Zimbabwean Bishops. It is made of Commissions, one of them being the ZCBC HIV and AIDS Desk. The primary focus of the HIV and AIDS Desk is to promote values of life which prevent the spread of AIDS. We achieve this by running programmes on HIV and AIDS which focus on Prevention and Life Skills Promotion, AIDS Education, Basic Skills in Counselling, Education For Life Programmes, Behaviour Change, Peer Education and Care of the Infected and Affected in the schools for the past seven years.

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