Zim Code

Zim Code, Ninth Avenue, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

+263 776 292 649

Zim Code is a Nonprofit coding school whose mission is to bring coding to the forefront of youth education and socio-economic empowerment in Zimbabwe.

A generation of Zimbabwean youths who possess the technical skills that are at the core of modern society’s socio-economic development. They can harness these skills to break through socio-economic barriers and create innovative solutions that will drive Zimbabwe’s development.

Zim Code began in 2016 as a summer project led by then Wesleyan-student, Alvin Chitena. It then grew into a nonprofit following its initial success. Zim Code is currently based in Bulawayo and has spread to over 8 high schools. We provide coding courses to high school students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds who face significant barriers of access to skills like coding. We also offer basic computing courses to the general public. 

Alvin learnt how to code at Wesleyan and immediately developed a passion for it. He realized that he shouldn’t have had to wait for 19 years to learn how to do something that is so crucial and that he is so passionate about. He decided to start a coding school to bring the amazing opportunity he had at Wesleyan back home to Zimbabwe.

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