Zambezi Roots

640 St Gerards Way, Harare, Zimbabwe

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In 2004, the economic decline in Zimbabwe caused us to have to re-invent ourselves and our livelihoods if we were to continue to live in our beloved country.  By trade we were butchers, but when beef was impossible to come by and the shop opened its doors from day to day with nothing on the shelves, the artistic abilities found in so many Zimbabweans today, began to flow!  Unbeknown to us, this would be an opportunity to begin a creative and fulfilling family business that would see us through many ups and downs, making a way for us to work with our beautiful local hardwoods that were being burned and discarded.

What started as a passion for the natural look and feel of some pieces of wood found in the bush, experimenting with a hand drill and some sandpaper, has turned into a full scale furniture business over the past years, and the products that we have supplied a number of lodges and private homes with, include everything from clocks and frames, to furniture, bed bases, wall panelling, lodge decking, pedestrian bridges, stair treads, doors, beams, and so much more!

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