Xtreme Quick

Glenara Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe

0772 943 744, 0733 786 999

treme Quick established in 2004 has become one of the countries fastest growing companies in the Automotive Industry in Zimbabwe. OUR SERVICES Vehicle Diagnostics Service & Engine Check Light Service. Motor Vehicle Light Focusing. Motor Vehicle Breakdown Services, tow Away Trucks & Roadside Assistance. Motor Vehicle spares & Sales. Brake Disc Skimming & Overhaul. V.I.D Compliance Check & Services. Wheel Alignment & Balancing. Suspension Overhaul & Checks . Minor & Major Plus Tune-Ups. Car Wash. We believe that our revamped after-service capability will be a significant factor in your decision-making process and trust that this proposal contains sufficient information for you to make an appropriate decision. At Xtreme Quick we keep you going and it’s not about what you have got, but how we keep it. Precisely we rebuild it better!! THE FLEET MANAGEMENT CONCEPT This is entered into via a service level agreement. It basically entails Xtreme Quick assigning an account executive to your organization who will handle the details of your account and also gets an understanding on your internal policies thereby ensuring we offer you a tailored service. We come in and do a technical assessment of your fleet and present a report of the state of your fleet from the onset. This gives you a full knowledge of the state of the fleet you have handed over to Xtreme Quick’ Care. We are also are able to give you outright recommendations on what you need to keep or dispose or what will be costly to you in the long run so that you are never caught by surprise. We also sit down with you after that and together set parameters of how the agreement will flow and that becomes the basis for accountability on both parties. Xtreme Quick has acquired a customized fleet management database therefore ensuring the accuracy of the information that you will receive at all times. We are now able as part of your service to give you periodic reports on the state of your fleet as well as doing service evaluations, monthly – quarterly or half yearly depending on your convenience. Service evaluations are also a platform where we are able to consistently deal with quality and cost issues or other concerns you may have, regularly ensuring our continued competitiveness. This package also enables you to reduce your fleet maintenance costs as a deal specific to your organisation and can be negotiated. We believe, as an organization with a fleet size of yours should not be paying ridiculous amounts of money, when you are able to take advantage pf your negotiating power. As a client on this package we are able to consider you on our stocking plan thereby we benefit on bulk discounts from our suppliers, which we can also pass on to you. You are also now able to track your maintenance costs as your fleet is under one roof and you can track accurately through a reporting system right down to per vehicle costs. Tracking costs is also made easier by the one stop shop concept that we have. This also reduces the administrative hassle that you have in-house as you will not have to deal with too many dealers. You are also now able to reduce unnecessary expenditure through driver abuse. Periodic basic training courses on out of the workshop vehicle maintenance are also available to help ensure full useful life of vehicles is enjoyed. We aim to also reduce down time that you experience from breakdowns and Unplanned-for repairs, through the regular periodic checks and frequent recommendations. Emergency after hours numbers are also made available to you. Xtreme Quick is committed to ensuring the safety of your investment therefore we keep our insurance portfolio up to date. Xtreme Quick is committed to keeping our clients going through a dynamic approach to fleet maintenance and management. We have realized that our clients require a package Tailor-made rather than an off the shelf cookie cutter solution.

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