Pro Health

Milton Park, 11 Routledge Street, Harare, Zimbabwe



Pro Health is a Medical Aid Society registered in Zimbabwe, offering a different approach to health care. We focus on preventative healthcare through a countrywide network of providers of service. Our packages are affordable and accessible to all Zimbabweans including those working and living in the Diaspora.

We are an open medical aid society registered in April 2014 by the Ministry of Health and Child Care. The society has its origins in the healthcare provision through Arcadia Medical Centre and Marlborough Medical Centre which are well established with over 16 years experience in the health delivery industry.

We strive to be the leading Medical Aid Society making quality health care accessible to all Zimbabweans and beyond.

We exists to offer quality healthcare services focusing on innovative, preventative, affordable holistic health care, working in conjunction with a network of strategic partners, benchmarked by best regional and international practices.Pro Health offer’s holistic health care solutions at affordable prices and flexible payment options. Our Aim is to restore faith in the medical industry with innovative solutions to a dynamic socio –economic environment in Zimbabwe.

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