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Head Office,17004 Sande Crescent, Graniteside, Harare, Zimbabwe


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Navidale Textiles (Pvt) Ltd is a Zimbabwean Company, registered on 12 October 1995, with the objectives of manufacturing high quality knitwear to meet the needs of the corporate world, both locally and globally. At the time of its formation, the Zimbabwean economy was experiencing shortages of foreign currency, and promoters saw an opportunity for import substitution to cut on importation of jerseys, especially those used in the security industry, the army and the police, as we as schools, private and public companies. The company’s products are of a high quality and competes on an equal footing with those produced in foreign countries such as the UK, India, Italy, South Africa and China.

Navidale Textiles (Pvt) Ltd has deep convictions that within the highly competitive environment that all companies operate, especially the textile manufacturers, smart partnerships can be forged with Zimbabwean institutes such as the ZNA, and place on the table, an end product that cuts off middle men. This will give the buyer a competitive price that will be considerably lower than the import price of the finished product, thereby achieving the twin objective of import substitution and economic empowerment of indigenous Zimbabweans, creating employment for the local population. At first, it is easy to believe that Navidale Textiles (Pvt) Lts is pretty much like any other firm that does the same business. We however say, the difference is the level of service, our commitment to meet tight production deadlines, our professionalism and the effective regular communication we provide a fine balance between the finest quality, the best service and low pricing for our mutual relationship to offer tangible benefits to both our organizations.

Our company offers a diverse range of knitwear products that include; army jerseys, corporate jerseys, school jerseys, batiks, scarfs and hats. Our production processes are closely related starting from waeving, cutting, overlocking, steam pressing, quality control and checking, packaging and dispatch.

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