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Extreme Fire Design Inc. is a Fire Prevention Inspection Bureau (F.P.I.B) licensed Fire Sprinkler Systems Contractor in Zimbabwe. While Extreme Fire Design Inc. is a new brand among Fire Protection Companies, our senior management team comprises of industry veterans endowed with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience who have been involved in successful fire protection companies in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Dubai and Tanzania. Our experience and product knowledge is therefore second to none in the industry. Kudos to our established credibility, we have been able to handpick some of this industry’s most talented and dedicated field staff. 

Our desire is to deliver our Clients with a fire protection system that is engineered, fabricated, installed, and commissioned with only the highest of quality, integrity and pride. Our commitment to exceptional service is the foundation of our company’s strength. Our qualified personnel is committed to offering competitive pricing, free consultations and outstanding customer service. 

Our thrust as Extreme Fire Design Inc. is to provide precisely engineered and installed fire systems within budget and timeline, keeping within the confines of the NFPA 13, LPCB, FM and the authority having jurisdiction. Our goal is to become Trade Partners with our Clients establishing professional mutually beneficial rapport. We are dedicated to providing economical Fire Protection Systems that will protect lives and property from the destruction by fire as this is the code by which we operate.

Commercial property managers face a myriad of fire and life-safety issues, with security playing a prominent role. We are a premier building systems integrator and single-source provider, helping your systems work together for optimal protection while simplifying your management of fire and life safety solutions. We strive to integrate multi-technology approach to your fire challenges, layering solutions that meet a range of threats whilst protecting your tenants, staff and properties. Fire safety is all about risk and how to manage it. The probability of a serious fire in any building may be low, but the potential consequences are enormous.

Fires may have multiple consequences, damage to human life and health, property damage, business interruption, and environmental pollution. Due to lack of data, available fire statistics cannot be expected to tell the full story. The most tragic consequence of fire incidents is the loss of life. 


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