Consumer Council of Zimbabwe

35 Rhodesville Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe


(263) 776-571-196 (263) 772-286-690 (263) 733-307-031

About Consumer Council Of Zimbabwe


The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe has its origins deeply rooted in the great and noble cause of protecting and empowering consumers by monitoring product quality and service to ensure total adherence to reasonably accepted standards.

It all began in 1955 when the first positive steps were taken to institute the formation of the vigilance commitee, aimed at meeting protective needs of the consumer and to produce better understanding between producers and consumers.

It was in 1975 when this committee was merged to form the present day Consumer Council Zimbabwe. Over the years the organisation has expanded its membership base and restructured its policies to meet the needs of today’s consumers. Our Mission and Vision clearly defines our responsibility to the consumer in regard to all essential economic issues.

CCZ is a membership driven organisation and we rely on your membership for us to tick. As an organisation we are better heard in our numbers than as individuals, so go ahead and get in touch with any CCZ offices near you to learn more.

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