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To afford every Zimbabwean the opportunity to access the word of God in their preferred language through translation, production and distribution.
To be a self-sustained provider of the word of God in every language country wide.


Timeline                           A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE BIBLE

1456 First printed Latin Bible produced by Johannes Gutenberg.
1526 First complete edition of the English New Testament is published by William Tyndale.
1530 Tyndale publishes the first 5 books of the Old Testament (Genesis/Exodus/Leviticus/Numbers/Deuteronomy) in English.
1535 William Tyndale is arrested and imprisoned.
1535 Miles Coverdale, Tyndale’s associate, finishes Tyndale’s work and publishes the first complete translation of the Bible and Apocryphal books in English.
1536 Execution of Tyndale for his translation work.
1537-68 Matthew’s English Bible (1537), the Great English Bible (1539), and the Bishops’ English Bible (1568) are published heavily relying on Tyndale (Coverdale’s Bible).
1611 The King James Bible is first published.
1881-85 The King James Bible is revised and published as the Revised Version (RV) in England.
1901 The American Standard Version (ASV) is published in America.
1946-52 Revised Standard Version is published.
1949 Bible Society of Zimbabwe publishes its first ever publication in Shona BHAIBHERI a Mongenster translation
1957 Bible Society of Zimbabwe publishes Ndau Bible.
1978 Bible Society of Zimbabwe publishes Ndebele – Ibhayibhili Eligcwele, revised in 1982 & 1997.
1979 Bible Society of Zimbabwe publishes Bhaibheri Rinoera
2000 BSZ publishes Ndau New Revised Testament
2002 Bible Society publishes Shona Bhaibheri & Four Tonga Bible Books
2007 BSZ publishes Bhaibhiri Idzva Rechishona & Bhaibhiri Idzva Rechishona rine Dhuterokanonika.
2009 BSZ publishes Bhaibheri Revana & Ibhayibhili labantwana with illustrations, background pictures starting from the book of Genesis’s story of Eve.

Bible Society of Zimbabwe’s first publication turned 61 in 2010

Bible Society of Zimbabwe celebrates its first ever publication BHAIBHERI`s 61st anniversary in the year 2010 written and launched at Mongester Mission, in Masvingo Province. Ms N. Mlalazi the society’s Marketing Manager indicated that the publication is the organisation’s best seller at each of their distribution points even in non-shona speaking provinces. The publication has over the years become the pastors` favourite` most trusted reference, she added its popular maroon cover and red labelled edges clearly distinguishing it in the market market place. The 61year Bhaibheri drawn from the King James Version can be obtained in an indexed format or without an index.

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