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LET THEM trust is a child-oriented, educational and cultural organisation in Zimbabwe that provides platforms to inspire young people and develop and showcase their artistic talent. Through the LET THEM festival and creative workshops in schools across the country, we have reached more than 180,000 children nationwide in less than 10 years.

Zimbabwe is a nation with a rich cultural heritage we want to celebrate. However, we recognize that heritage is under constant threat from challenging economic and social circumstances, to say nothing of an increasingly globalized monoculture. What to do?

The solution for Zimbabwean youth is neither prescriptive nor reactionary. The solution is in our name.  LET THEM speak their mind without judgement. LET THEM feel heard. LET THEM be inspired by their heritage . LET THEM define what it means to be a Zimbabwean in the twenty-first century. LET THEM be proud of their answer.

LET THEM trust is a modern organisation that knows where it comes from. Where are we going? LET THEM tell us.

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